Saturday, March 2, 2013

Product Review :: TheBalm Cosmetics

The beauty brand TheBalm wasn't a brand I was familiar until I saw it on the flash site, Hautelook. I have been a member of Hautelook for over a year, and honestly forgot about it till most recently. I kept coming across posts from other bloggers about how great the products were, and how they got them half off on Hautelook! So how could I not check it out. By the way Hautelook is a free to join flash sale site, meaning for a few days they will feature designer duds, and high end beauty products for fractions of the cost! Check it out!

I purchased two blushes off Hautelook, because I barely have any blushes, and wanted to expand my makeup collection. TheBalm was featured in the beginning of February, so if you missed it, they will be on there again, don't worry! I am a sucker for packaging, and theBalm remind me of Benefit's packaging. Each blush is about the size of my palm, but flat enough for easy storage. Both blushes are matte, which I prefer because I will go in with a highlighted to add that "glow" effect.

The first blush I picked was this light pink, matte blush called Down Boy. The packaging features a Marilyn Monroe-esque girl surrounded by classy men. The color is so pigmented, so a little goes a long way, but when blended, it's the perfect color for a low maintenance makeup look. It's not frosty, and goes on smooth. It retails normally for $21, off Hautelook I paid $10.50!

The second blush was a coral color perfect for spring, called Frat Boy. The packaging has the vintage flare just like Down Boy, but this time features the star quarterback getting a kiss on the cheek. The color color is so flattering for all skin tones, and almost reminds me of Nars Orgasm, minus the shimmer. With a summer tan I know I will reach for this more, and can't wait to use it. This blush was also $10.50 instead of the usual $21.


Here are the swatches for each of the blushes. The upper swatch is Frat Boy, the bottom swatch in each picture is Down Boy. The top photo is in natural lighting, and the bottom photo is with flash. Aren't they so pretty! So check out Hautelook for other great deals, because these were a great find (two for the price of one)!

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