Monday, March 18, 2013

Decor :: Instagram Wall


Ever since I upgraded to the IPhone almost 2 years ago, I'm always looking for new apps to download. I'm obsessed with Instagram (you can follow me @saternusl) so when I came across other bloggers creating Instagram walls, I wanted to make my own.

Untitled Download the app, PostalPix to make this project easier, and it's free! Upload your favorite Instagram pics and order what size you want printed. I ordered 26 2x2 pics and with shipping it came to $10. The paper is thicker and the I k is great quality so it won't fade. The package was delivered within a week of ordering, and I was so impressed with the quality. It makes it easier so that you don't have to alter photos, or cut them yourself.


I placed my photos above my long mirror with painter's tape. I've seen other bloggers make collages, hearts, and out them on cork board. Since I wanted my bedroom to be simple, I just placed the photos equally apart in 4 rows. You may think it's boring, but it brings a pop of color to my all white bedroom.

What are your favorite apps lately? You can find PostalPix and Instagram on the app store so download them today!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trend :: Sneaker Wedges

Ok, so I don't wear sneakers. The only time I do is when I decide that for a week that I'm a fitness expert. Besides that, my running sneakers sit in my closet. When the sneaker wedge trend popped up, I couldn't tell if they were ugly or cute. I was afraid I would look like I'm trying to hard, or it didn't fit me. So when I spotted a pair at Target, I couldn't resist! Here are 3 ways I am wearing them this spring:

With skinny jeans
Sweatshirt: Proenza Schoeler Nieman Marcus for Target // Jeans: Mossimo Target // Necklace: F21

with leather leggings
Top and leather leggings: Papaya Clothing // Necklace: F21 // Spiked Braclet: Wet Seal

with a dress
Dress: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: F21 // Tights: Target How are you wearing this trend this Spring? Tumblr and Pinterst are great sites for inspiration too, especially for street style!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Decor :: Makeup Storage


When I moved into my apartment, I promised myself that I would become even more organized, and not let my room just become a junk pile. I wanted my bedroom to be the one room that was exactly what I wanted. The theme is all white, playing with different textures, and shades of cream in the mix. I built my own vanity because I refused to spend hundreds of dollars for a simple desk, and I didn't want any chunky furniture in my room either. The shelf and mirror I bought from Target, and the chair is from TJ Maxx Homegoods. I am still working on he lighting, luckily it's right by the window so I have some natural lighting. Blog

To hold my brushes I placed them in a coffee mug and flower pot I found in the dollar section at JoAnn's. They were already white, I just placed pebbles in them so my brushes stand straight.


As for the rest of my makeup, I bought the Muji 5 drawer acrylic organizer. Gurus have ranted and raved about this all over YouTube, so buying this wasn't a hard decision. I payed about $30 for it,but it organizes everything perfectly. Some people have complained that the drawers are thin so it doesn't fit foundations, or bigger blushes. If that's something that concerns you, search Amazon for other makeup storage systems. I love my Muji and it shipped within a week and arrived without any chips or scratches. I have each drawer categorized, so it is easier to find what I need. The top drawer is lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip liners. I probably am going to purchase a lipstick storage system on Amazon just because my collection is growing so much, and one drawer is not cutting it! The second drawer is face primers and samples of foundations. Third drawer is mascaras and eyeliners, mainly samples from beauty box subscriptions. In the fourth drawer is all my eyeshadow palettes, like all my Wet N' Wild palettes and my Naked palette. The bottom drawer is all blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. Now that everything is organized, it's easier for me to create different looks, and to use different makeup.


I personally hate how nail polish racks look like. It just looks like a spice rack and take up too much space. I keep mine in a glass vase that I bought from Walmart for a few bucks. It's in expensive, but looks like something you would see in a boutique. I keep this on a vanity tray I made from a frame I found at Amvets for one dollar! Also on the tray is my favorite candle, and perfumes that I am using currently.

Eventually I am probably going to expand an getting a bigger storage unit, but for now I love how everything has turned out. I do keep everything else in a clear plastic bin system, but that's hidden in my closet haha. Definitely check out Amazon and Muji if you are looking to organize, and happy Spring cleaning!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Product Review :: Flower Lip Service Lipbutter


There has been a huge hype for Drew Barrymore's Flower cosmetic line that hit Walmart stores and online in January. I'm a little late to stop and check it out, but better late then never, right? I feel like every celebrity has branched out and created perfumes, cosmetics, or a clothing line. Drew's focus is more different, where there is no advertisements for the first year. So instead of being bombarded with Drew's face in every magazine, the line will grow from word of mouth. The cosmetics are not tested on animals, and all products are under $20! Now I know that your thinking, "well isn't every drugstore brand under $20?" Flower's packaging looks expensive with the rose gold accents. The only downside is once the label is taken off to open it, there is no sticker with the shade number or color left on it.


I was expecting to see whay more, but I think nothing stood out to me as a buy me product. Since I'm buying lipstick like there is no tomorrow, I picked up one of the Lip Service lip butters to try. I've been buying pinks and corals for Spring, but I gravitated towards the shade, LB5 Haute Honeysuckle from the line. I love Revlon lip butters, so I thought it would be a great product to add to my collection. It's not a nude, but it's not a coral as you can see from the swatch. It's not sticky or tacky, but it's not as moisturizing as I need. I'm giving the lip butter a 3 out of 5 because it was only $6.98, and I will just have to layer this productbwith a lip balm for extra hydration.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY :: Cleopatra's Milk Bath

I suffer from the worst dry skin during the winter months, and take regular baths to help hydrate my skin. Usually, I go to Lush for their bath bombs, because let's face it no one has time to make their own. And I am obsessed with Lush as you will find out haha.I came across an article online about at how milk baths have so many benefits for dry skin, and decided to give it a try.

Cleopatra was most known for her reign of Egypt has Queen, her scandalous love affairs, and her ahead of the time beauty routines. Cleopatra took milk baths daily to preserve her beauty and youth, but milk has more benefits than just those. Not to sound like a Bio teacher, but milk contains Lacitic acid which has amazing anti-aging properties, exfoliates skin, rebuilds collagen, and acts like as an astringent to sensitive skin. Who would have known something that you eat your cereal with, could make you look younger too! As for the other key ingredient, honey, it locks in moisture, and is anti-bacterial. Now with the essential oils, it is completely up to you for what you want to add. Cleopatra was said to use rose oil and jasmine oil, but there are more affordable essential oils for like lavender (to relax) and orange (to energize). Dozens of recipes are floating aroun on the internet, so find the best one for you!


I am going to make a fresh milk bath, meaning I can't save any leftovers because it will spoil. There are recipes using powdered milk, that way you can make a bigger batch and save it in a mason jar. I have more then enough bath powders, so that's why I decided to make a fresh batch. That and the fact that there's not anymore room in my bathroom cubby for anymore stuff.


All the ingredients I bought from Target, and was about $10 all together. Besides the whole milk, e drugging else can be saved for another bath. I added rose petals leftover from Valentine's Day for a bit of luxury, but it's completely optional. I added the mixture to running water, and soaked in it for a half hour. My alligator skin is gone, and I'm left with silky, soft skin!


Monday, March 4, 2013

FOTD :: Maroon Eyes & Coral Lips

I can not stop using the Wet 'N Wild eye palette in Winding Woods. I mentioned it in my February favorites, and I will probably use it until spring gets here. I balance out a dark eye, with a coral-pink lip, and finish with a strong contour. Here is the breakdown of my favorite face of the day.


1. I start with moisturizing my face with Josie Maran argan oil, then apply Pixi Prime and Poreless to my t-zone area.
2. with a stippling brush I apply Revlon's Whipped foundation in my shade, 320. To conceal, I use a yellow toned concealer under my eyes to hide my dark under eye circles. My favorite has been from the Coastal Scent Eclipse palette.
3. To contour I use Laguna by Nars, followed by a highlight. I use Hard Candy's So Baked Bronzer in Tiki on the top of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, and a little above my cupid's bow.
4. I fill in my brows with the Anastasia brow kit, and pat the Tiki highlight all over my eyelid as a base.
5. For the eyes, I use Naked from the Naked palette in the crease, so that I have a transition color. Also, it works as a base, so I know not to blend the darker colors too high. Next, I take the burgundy color from the Wet 'N Wild palette, and use a flat shader brush to pat it all over my lid. After blending it in, I blend Hustle from the Naked palette in the outer third in a "V" shape. To finish, I line my eyes with NYC liquid liner, and coat my lashes with Loreal Telescopic mascara/Covergirl Lashblast.
6. The lip combo is a mix of Revlon's Primrose Pink lipstick and Coral Reef gloss on top. It's that easy!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Product Review :: TheBalm Cosmetics

The beauty brand TheBalm wasn't a brand I was familiar until I saw it on the flash site, Hautelook. I have been a member of Hautelook for over a year, and honestly forgot about it till most recently. I kept coming across posts from other bloggers about how great the products were, and how they got them half off on Hautelook! So how could I not check it out. By the way Hautelook is a free to join flash sale site, meaning for a few days they will feature designer duds, and high end beauty products for fractions of the cost! Check it out!

I purchased two blushes off Hautelook, because I barely have any blushes, and wanted to expand my makeup collection. TheBalm was featured in the beginning of February, so if you missed it, they will be on there again, don't worry! I am a sucker for packaging, and theBalm remind me of Benefit's packaging. Each blush is about the size of my palm, but flat enough for easy storage. Both blushes are matte, which I prefer because I will go in with a highlighted to add that "glow" effect.

The first blush I picked was this light pink, matte blush called Down Boy. The packaging features a Marilyn Monroe-esque girl surrounded by classy men. The color is so pigmented, so a little goes a long way, but when blended, it's the perfect color for a low maintenance makeup look. It's not frosty, and goes on smooth. It retails normally for $21, off Hautelook I paid $10.50!

The second blush was a coral color perfect for spring, called Frat Boy. The packaging has the vintage flare just like Down Boy, but this time features the star quarterback getting a kiss on the cheek. The color color is so flattering for all skin tones, and almost reminds me of Nars Orgasm, minus the shimmer. With a summer tan I know I will reach for this more, and can't wait to use it. This blush was also $10.50 instead of the usual $21.


Here are the swatches for each of the blushes. The upper swatch is Frat Boy, the bottom swatch in each picture is Down Boy. The top photo is in natural lighting, and the bottom photo is with flash. Aren't they so pretty! So check out Hautelook for other great deals, because these were a great find (two for the price of one)!