Monday, February 25, 2013

Product Review :: Lush Big Shampoo

I was on the hunt this month to find a shampoo for my thin, flat, damaged hair. For me it is hard to find the right combinations because, most hydrating shampoos weigh down my hair. And volumizing sprays and shampoos strip my natural oils out, leaving me with frizzy hair. On top of that, I color my naturally blonde hair, so my hair in general needs some extra TLC.


I've heard really greats reviews from other bloggers about "Big", but was afraid because it's made of salt. When I think of hair products with salt, I think of all the beach sprays I've made that made my hair a nightmare during the summer time. Even though I want volume, I still want shiny, healthy hair. Is that too much to ask?

Lush's Big shampoo is said to "give limp hair more volume than you thought possible with clarifying sea salt, seaweed infusion to soften, and fresh citrus juices for incredible shine". Just by that I was sold, and also by the sales associate who swore up and down this would turn into the only thing I'll ever use. So I made the plunge and spent the $27 on the tub of grains and hoped from the best.


I'm in love! All I needed was about a dime size amount for my hair length. It doesn't seem like a lot, but once lathered, it creates enough suds for my entire head. The grains weren't left in my hair, and it washed out easily. I didn't use a conditioner following that because I wanted to see how my hair felt. The girl at Lush gave me a sample of a lighht weight conditioner, Veganese which I did use twice. I blow dried it only using a heat protecting spray and argan oil at my ends. And OMG did I have volume! With my hair curled it actually looked like I never had this hair in my life. My hair was shiny, but full, without having to tease. Even on second day hair it still looked full in a ponytail.

The only down side is that it does strip hair color. For me it is ok because I am currently in a transition of going from red, to brown-black. But if you have a difficult hair color, I do not suggest this. I use this daily and my hair is not dried out, which was my biggest hesitation into buying the product. I've had it for a month now, and I finally have big volume, without the damage! Order online here or stop into your local Lush store!


  1. Hello there! I love your blog. Do you have a recommendation for a good heat protecting spray?

  2. I use Tresemme heat protecting spray which is really affordable! I have samples of the Keraste heat protecter and love that too! It's a bit pricier, but my hair is so healthy looking after using it.