Friday, August 17, 2012

Sock Bun in 3 Minutes

My go to hair style this past week has been the famous sock bun. It is so easy to do and perfect for second day hair, or when you are in a rush. Some people use an old sock to make the base for the bun, but I purchased Conair's Bun Maker from CVS, and it has been my favorite thing I discovered this month. It's only $6 and it comes with the foam "doughnut", ponytail holder, and 3 bun bobby pins. For all the thin haired girls like myself, this is the easiest way to create the perfect bun. I don't have enough hair to roll the "doughnut" from the end to the base, like most people do for this hairstyle. So here is my sock bun tutorial for a 3 minute bun!

1. Gather your hair in a high ponytail, that it's on the crown of your head. I used a combination of water and gel to tame fly aways and to get my hair perfectly smooth.
2. Place the foam doughnut on the base of your ponytail, and spread the hair all the way around. Refer to picture 4 because this is hard to describe. I also tease my hair a bit so that I know it will cover the piece and look fuller too.
3. Put your hand over the bun part to keep the hair over the doughnut, then wrap the ends around the bun to hold it in place.
4. Secure in place with the bobby pins, and spray with hairspray. And there you go the perfect bun!

You can add a ribbon or a bow to it for extra decoration. I like adding headbands especially when my hair does not want to be tamed! Here is some of my favorite bunheads that I used for inspiration!


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  1. I always wondered if these things really worked :D thanks larrr for letting me know! I will be going out and purchasing my cinna-bun hair dingy today! Love.