Monday, July 9, 2012

Grow Your Hair Longer

We all want long locks as soon as you cut your hair a few inches. Here is the top tips to grow your hair back and with even healthier/thicker hair!

Castor Oil is best thing you can do for your hair to stimulate growth. You can find this anywhere from a grocery store to Amazon. Castor oil can be used on hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes to help them grow faster! By applying to your scalp it aids the growing process, and conditions your hair so it will grow healthier. By applying to the scalp, it changes your hair follicle's so that there is less breakage and thinning. This is great for anyone who colors their hair to even over processed hair. Castor oil brings back the shine and is packed with omega 9 fatty acids so that you hair overall with completely change in length, shine, texture, and how it continues to grow. Because it is a thick consistency, apply a thin amount to your scalp and massage. Let sit for 20 minutes and cover with a shower cap (you can find one at the dollar store). Rinse with shampoo and do this once a week.
Cut down using your blow dryer/straightener/curling iron etc. Let your hair air dry and try a braid to unruly hair. Using these products is drying out your hair of it's essentials oils!
Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun. If you are obsessed with the sun then make sure to apply something like a UV hair protection spray. This will not only moisturize your hair, but keep your hair color from fading if you color your hair.
Wide tooth comb will be your best friend, because you should not be pulling out your hair with a brush. Use a wide tooth comb when your hair is damp. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Don't be afraid to use a leave in conditioner on your ends to help untangle hair.
Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Split ends make your hair look unhealthy and just tell your hair dresser you are growing out your hair, they will make sure to shape it up without hacking it off.
Moisturize your hair as much as possible. Organix's Macadamia oil hair masks are amazing and packed with everything you need to bounce back to healthy hair. Apply the mask on damp hair and cover with a shower cap for an hour. Rinse and let hair dry. Do this once a week.
Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly so that your body functions properly. When people are stressed their bodily functions run differently and that is why some people lose hair or have a difficult time fixing beauty problems. Fish and chicken are great because it's full of protein. And anything to bring more blood circulation is always good for the body.
Use the right hair products for your hair. Don't use anything that will strip your hair of it's natural oils. Anything will sulfate will do so and a lot of cheap shampoos or conditioners strip your hair no matter what it says on the bottle. Best products that are affordable is the Organix line. Everything is organic and each product is $8-$10 and works amazing!


  1. Thank you its really great to get straight forward information on growing your hair out.

  2. When you do the castor oil, do you do it on damp hair or dry hair?

  3. Want to grow hair faster,longer naturally?

    • The first hair growth formula is to use Rosemary leaves. Rosemary leaves boiled in water make a perfect addition to your shampoo when you wash your hair.

    • Hair growth is significantly stimulated by scalp massages. You need to employ only your fingers here. Use your fingers to knead the scalp in a circular motion, start from the base of the scalp and end at the front of your head

    Tips from

  4. I just tried the Castor Oil on my hair Sunday night... needless to say, it's Tuesday and the Oil STILL HAS NOT come out of my hair!?!? My hair is greasy beyond belief! It looks as if my hair hasnt dried since Sunday night! I have washed my hair 8 times to get this out, but nothing is happening!!! I will NEVER use this product as a hair growth EVER AGAIN!!!!

    1. If your hair is still oily then that means that you used to much of it

    2. Castor oil is thick. You have to dilute it with a thinner oil first. Try almond or coconut oil. And apply to roots and tips only. It's working wonders in my hair as I type this.

  5. I'm currently growing out my hair and I have found mane and tail shampoo and conditioner to help along with hair skin and nail vitamins

  6. Replies
    1. Wen cleansing conditioners don't work for all! I used for 2 years. All formulas, used less, used more. Left my hair dry, brittle, and I have still not grown all the hair lost with wen back. I have been off wen for 2 years too! I'd suggest, use Wen at your own risk!!!

  7. I think you're supposed to dilute the castor oil or add a few drops to your shampoo otherwise it gets super greasy. Taking calcium supplements always causes my hair to grow 2x as fast, I just get the chocolate flavored chewables.

  8. Guys get real my hair is already very greasy and its poofy and thick so this really worked it depense on the hair type ok!!!!!

  9. Does this really work?

  10. Yes it depends on the hair type! I used it and was left with greasy hair for a week! It Was terrible! Maybe it's healthy but it's not worth it for me!

  11. I have super course curly hair. Not very many products truly condition my curls, and if they do,they cost an arm and a leg(Wen is one of them.) keep in mind I have a lot of hair so I require a lot of product. All of the products that are listed above are reasonably priced. It's worth a shot so I'm going to try them. Wish me luck ladies :)

  12. Apply castor oil to wet hair n ur hair wonr absorb as much thats what i always do...

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  15. Take the supplement Biotin!

  16. I used to be a FAITHFUL user of the Organix product but I find that they're almost too good-that is to say, you can't use them as often as you'd like because they either have too much protein/keratin/argon oil/etc. I switched to only using them like once or twice a week and have switched to the Yesto Carrots shampoo and conditioner instead. I LOVE IT and it leaves my hair feeling amazingly clean, healthy, and strong.

    Check out my blog if you have a moment to drop by!!

  17. "Organix" brand isn't really organic. That is why in California they had to change the brand name to "OGX". Just an FYI.

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