Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Review x Organix's Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask

With colored treated, bleached, dry, and heat processed hair this is something you need in your routine ASAP. Macadamia oil helps your hair get back to it's original state and helps with growing your hair out. Not only does it strengthen hair, but it brings back moisture that your hair loses from heat and color.

Now with that background, here is my opinion. I always am looking for new products to try and I have always used the Organix line. For those of you who haven't tried anything yet, then pick up this product. The line is all organic, sulfate free, and won't strip your hair of it's natural oils. Yes, it is easier to pick up the $3 shampoo a shelf down, but it is worth the few more bucks to invest in anything from this line.

I love masks for some reason. I like that I pick a day and do my nails, hair, and face masks all in one hour. If you don't have the time to lay around you can use this mask in the shower. After shampooing, apply the mask as you wash your body, shave, and wash your face. Just replace your regular conditioner with this one a few times a week. I like leaving it on for an hour once a week and 5 minutes 2 times a week in the shower. This mask doesn't weigh down my thin hair, which is a huge two thumbs up for me. And it smells amazing because who doesn't love hair that smells great all day.

I have seen a huge difference in my hair the past two weeks. It has more shine and feels so much more healthier. Going ombre is so damaging and this product has definitely helped my hair bounce back to normal. It is only $8 at target and Ulta has promotions for BOGO 1/2 off on Organix products all the time so check their site regularly too. This is a great product and perfect for anyone with dry or damaged hair!


  1. I love organix as well! And also CVS, rite aid and other drug stores have this product on sale Bogo. Something else I do about once a week is add olive oil to the ends of my hair for an hour before washing out for extra shine. It totally works.

  2. I'm going to give this product a try thx for info.

  3. Seems like a nice product. Was wondering does it work on curly hair? My little one has nice curls but when dry gets dull look. Can it be left in overnight.

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